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Career navigation made easy

by Ché Walker, Career Navigator My name is Ché Walker (it is a hard “ch”; say “chay”) and I am the Career Navigator for Denver’s Early Childhood Council! I have […]

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A year of challenge and hope

by Emily Bustos, CEO & Charles Dukes, Board of Directors Chairperson This year has been one of challenge and hope. As our organization and the Denver child care provider community […]

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Turning great challenges into opportunities

by Karen Thiel, Lead Quality Navigator 2021 wrapped up a year that was very demanding. Yet, in the face of the challenges brought by the pandemic and the changing child […]

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In search of diverse, bilingual ECE trainers

by Melissa Maldonado, Career Pathways Manager Do you speak Arabic, Somali, Vietnamese, Spanish, or another language that meets Denver’s early care and education communities in their native languages? In an […]

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Is early childhood having a moment?

by Cami Harris, Senior Communications Manager Have you heard anyone say recently that early childhood is “having a moment?” No? Well, it may be that we’re on the cusp of […]

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Celebrate Juneteenth!

by Angeles Ross, Community Engagement Specialist For many of us, we’ve been taught that end of slavery was on January 1, 1863, when President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation […]

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A Snapshot of Early Childhood Quality Coaching

by Jennifer Garcia, Early Childhood Quality Coach Hi! I’m Jennifer, and I am an Early Childhood Quality Coach at Denver’s Early Childhood Council. We receive funding from and partner with […]

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Relationships in Leadership

by Dora Esparza, Business Leadership Specialist We all have that one person. You know the one I am talking about. The person who asks you for a favor and you […]

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