Charles Dukes

Board Chair

Charles Dukes

Charles serves as an Educational Strategist for Wend Collective. As a member of the Wend team, Charles coordinates youth development opportunities to enhance and improve the educational ecosystem.

Before joining Wend Collective, Charles dedicated a significant amount of his career as an education policy director and central office school district administrator. As an Education Policy Director, Charles served as a liaison between the City of Denver and Denver Public Schools to support the alignment between educational institutions, companies, and governance structures. As the Director for College and Career Success at Aurora Public Schools, Charles was a catalyst for changing systems at both the school and district levels to ensure all students have access to postsecondary education and workforce credentials. As the Director of College Access Initiatives at Denver Public Schools (DPS), Charles actively worked with the Denver community, parents, and schools to ensure all DPS students were prepared academically and socially to enter postsecondary opportunities.

Charles is recognized nationally for his work. Recognitions include the “Advocate of the Year” award by the American School Counselor Association (2011), “Friend of CACTA” award by the Colorado Association of Career and Technical Administrators (2012), and the Sawaya Values “Hope” award from the Sawaya Law Firm (2012) for instilling a sense of hope and providing a brighter future for people in and around their community.

Charles holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Colorado Mesa University, a master’s degree in Education Foundations Practice and Policy from The University of Colorado at Boulder, and a second master’s degree in leadership from Grand Canyon University.